In the News: Encouraging First-Generation College Students

In the News: Encouraging First-Generation College Students


As you know, Oregon College Application Week is part of a national initiative sponsored by the American Council on Education. Started in just one North Carolina high school in 2005, the American College Application Campaign now has a presence in almost every state in the nation. The Pew Charitable Trusts recently wrote about the importance of this national project on their website. And we are honored that Oregon was one of the states selected to be highlighted in the article. Here's just a bit from the opening paragraphs:

As a senior at Taft High School in Lincoln City, Oregon, last year, Skyler Lopez didn’t spend much time thinking about his future.

Skyler’s identical twin Tyler had been aiming for Western Oregon University since the eighth grade—a daunting goal, since nobody in the Lopez family had ever graduated from college. But Skyler struggled in high school and had to scramble to even graduate. For him, college seemed like a stretch.

“A lot of it was laziness, a lot of it was worrying about the financial issues,” Skyler said.

When a campaign to encourage low-income and would-be first-generation college students to apply for college reached Lincoln City, a small tourist town on the coast of Oregon, Skyler’s school counselors urged him to apply.

You can read the rest of the story on Stateline. Or, you can also find it at USA Today.


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