Why Apply? In five words or less...

Why Apply? In five words or less...


Not a senior.
Not a site coordinator.
Not a faculty or staff member at an official College Application Week site.
But wanting to help inspire students to participate in CAW and achieve their postsecondary dreams.

Does that sound like you? Have you been looking for a way to get involved?

We've got the perfect opportunity for you!

Answer the question "Why Apply?" in just five words or less. Post your photo or video response on the Oregon CAW Facebook page (and "like" us, too!). Be sure to tag your post with #whyapply, #fivewordsorless, or #5wordsorless so we can easily find them later! We're looking for a flood of responses, so encourage your friends, family members, and colleagues to participate, too! Let's use our collective voice to show Oregon's students why postsecondary education and training is so critical for their future - and ours!

Not on Facebook? No problem! You can send your photo or video to Adrienne, who will post it for you.

(Note that photos or video may be compiled and posted to the Oregon CAW website)


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  • Aug 23, 2013

My 5 words...

Accelerate Future Success, Increase Opportunity

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