It's A Plan: Senior Year Checklists

It's A Plan: Senior Year Checklists

Senior year is fun. It's hectic. It's full of memories. And on top of everything that's happening at high school, it's the time when students add one more critical job to their often-full plate.

It is when students put their plan into motion for taking the next step in life: college.

We know students can sometimes get overwhelmed just by the thought of applying to college (and all the little tasks that go along with it). We've even met students who have simply decided there's too much to remember and too many things to do, so they give up. We think that's heartbreaking, so we've got a solution!

It's A Plan takes all those required steps -- starting from exploring colleges to find the right fit and going all the way through stepping foot on campus for freshman year (and everything in between) -- and distills them into weekly tasks. The website offers monthly checklists for students, parents, and educators.

Don't want to download the checklist every month? Just want the task to come direct to you? We've got that covered! The toolkit for educators includes templates for weekly school announcements, text messages (that can also be used as tweets) for students and parents, and Facebook images. If you follow @OregonCAW on Twitter or like us on Facebook, the weekly messages will show up in your newsfeed - it couldn't be any easier!

Start making your plan - or helping the high school seniors in your life to do so. We'll help! Explore It's A Plan today.


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