Spring mini-CAW, anyone?

Spring mini-CAW, anyone?

Here's a great idea from Hermiston High School:

They'll be hosting a mini-CAW event in the next few weeks with a special focus on reaching out to students whose best postsecondary match is a two-year community college or trade school.

One of the great things about the CAW initiative is its adaptability. Each site has the opportunity to design an event that works for their students and community. We're thrilled that Hermiston's site coordinators, Liz and Melody, are utlizing what they've learned from hosting official events in 2012 and 2013 and applying that to the needs of their community this spring.

We know that many of the ideas coordinators come up with will work at several schools and organizations, so we encourage continued sharing of the ideas. (Note the photo at the top of this page -- it's from Newport HS this year, and if I'm not mistaken, it's something Hermiston will be adopting for their spring mini-CAW.)

What great ideas have you gleaned from your colleagues? What great ideas have you not yet shared? We're on the lookout - keep 'em coming!

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