Sharing Ideas: fun stuff from Tennessee

Sharing Ideas: fun stuff from Tennessee

As you know, Oregon College Application Week is part of the American College Application Campaign, an initiative that has grown so dramatically all 50 states are participating this year! The national network of state coordinators is a collaborative group, and we all keep an eye on the innovative and fun ideas that are happening around the country so we can share them with you. Tennessee High School in Bristol, TN, is in the midst of their CAW event (they do theirs quite a bit earlier than we do!), and I'm excited about a few of their ideas. Check these out! (I borrowed all of them, including the photos, from their Facebook page)

Photo Booth
After students submit their application, they get their photo taken in the booth - with props and a sign showing where they applied and what their career aspirations are. They're posting these on Facebook, but you could hang them in your school hallways or post them anywhere else folks could see them.

Faculty Alma Mater Pennants
It looks like they've got a graphics art class that has been busy preparing for their CAW event! They've designed college-style pennants for teachers, naming their alma mater and the degree earned. I especially love the QR code which allows for an easy scan with a smart phone to get to the admissions page of the college's website.

College pennants for teachers

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!" Wall
They've posted a brief notice on their Facebook page reminding students to pick up their brick for this special wall. I'm guessing it's a wall somewhere in the school decorated with images from the Dr. Seuss book, and that the bricks include information about students' college aspirations.

We're sharing ideas to help you plan your CAW event. Check out more of them by clicking on the blue and green icons to the right. Don't forget to share your ideas, too!

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