September tasks: engaging your community

September tasks: engaging your community

September is a busy time in education - school's just starting and everyone is getting back into the swing of things. For seniors, the pace is picking up because it's time to get serious about their college plans.

Sidenote: If your students are struggling to figure out how to get (or stay) on track for their college search and application process, consider using Oregon GEAR UP's "It's A Plan" checklists designed just for seniors. You and/or your students can download the monthly checklists, which will give them a primary task to complete each week, ensuring they're ready to apply during your College Application Week event.

It's also the time when College Application Week planning begins in earnest! As we've been saying, you don't have to do it alone! And you'll have a much easier (and fun!) time of it when you get your whole community involved. Now is the time to engage the following four sectors:

  1. Teachers and Staff: Download and distribute the CAW Overview for Teachers and Staff handout and request their participation during the event.
  2. Parents and Families: Customize the Student and Family Letter with your site's information and send it home so parents know about this amazing event you're planning -- encourage them to volunteer!
  3. Local Businesses and Colleges: Solicit door prizes (such as t-shirts like in the above photo) in person and/or by using the Donation Request Letter; consider asking employees to volunteer during your event - the Volunteer Recruitment Letter makes it easy!
  4. Local Politicians and Municipalities: Request that a College Application Week proclamation from your local government (the Proclamation Request template can help) and, of course, consider asking them to volunteer.


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