Governor Kitzhaber issues proclamation for College Application Month

Governor Kitzhaber issues proclamation for College Application Month

We've been waiting to announce this tidbit of news until the time was just right. We wanted school back in session. We wanted seniors to be thinking about their college search. And we wanted site coordinators to be in the throes of planning their CAW events.

We think now is the right time!

For the first time in the state's history, Governor Kitzhaber has declared that November is Oregon College Application Month. You can download your own copy of the official proclamation here. (We've got the hard copy with the shiny seal here in our offices, if you ever want to see it live-and-in-person.)

If you're thinking it's an amazing coincidence that Oregon's College Application Month is at just the right time for all of your College Application Week events, you'll make us giggle just a bit. It's a happy circumstance, for sure, but it's no accident! We requested the proclamation from the Governor's office specifically because we wanted to celebrate the growth of CAW statewide. In fact, among the "Whereas" legal-sounding statements, you'll find this one:

Whereas: Approximately 30 Oregon high schools and community based organizations have committed to hosting Oregon College Application Week on their campuses between November 4th and 15th, ensuring their seniors complete a college application with the assistance of trained staff and volunteers,

Now it's your turn! We believe in the powers of repetition and publicity, so we're encouraging all of the official CAW sites to request a proclamation from your local municipality. Let's see how many officially proclaimed College Application Weeks we can have in the state of Oregon. We've provided a template for your use here. The process can take a few weeks, so now's the time to make the request. Be sure to share with us when you've received official word!

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